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Quadrone AWQDRXCAM Quadcopter XLC

Quadrone AWQDRXCAM Quadcopter XLC

Price $114.04
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American Digitals Part No.::31967


Quadrone AWQDRXCAM Quadcopter XLC

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Offer Includes:

Quadrone AWQDRXCAM Quadcopter XLCManual & Warranty, New Original Authentic Product, User Guide

Quadrone AWQDRXCAM Quadcopter XLC

The "Product Specs :6 axis gyro, 2.4 GHz remote control, 360 degree turns, flips and rolls, 300k pixel camera shoots video and photo, removable shell for indoor / outdoor ..., it includes: Quadrone AWQDRXCAM Manual & Warranty - ", mfr included parts for Quadrone AWQDRXCAM Quadcopter XLC, Products details and manufacture's tech support can provide adtional info=, Quadrone and other popular brands at best price

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